Monday, December 10, 2012


For a simple gal at heart, I have to wonder where I get these ornate compulsions!
This has more 'bling' than my entire closet.

Honestly, a lot of my wraps are that way. I think in my past life, I was a royal jeweler. 'Here, peon. You must show my wealth by using all of these gems in a piece of glory that will shame all others.'

So, I decided to develop mini bling. Hey, I can't completely suppress the wild wire in me, but what would I wear?

I still love the look above, a style developed by Eni Oken (I want that name!)

So I went small. My delightfully small cabs I made this summer. And I wrapped them. This, I would wear!

I also renamed and am filling up my Etsy again. I called it 'studiodct' and I'm having fun this time. 

I hope it shows.