Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'm Very Fond of my Rags, tyvm

I don't think I'll ever to paper towel free. The jury's out as far as over all impact: washing and drying vs. paper, but I had absolutely nothing important to do one afternoon, so I decided to make myself some rags!

Not just from anything. I found 3 well loved items. One was a light blue pair of sweatpants I've owned for over 25 years. Another was a purple tank top that was retired when I got a swath of rubber cement on it at work (don't ask) and the last was flannel pj's.

Then I simply got scissors and cut those puppies up into various rectangular shapes, down legs, around bodies, skirting pockets. I sewed the seams, and ta da!!

My own private, custom, designer rags!

Yeah, my daughter thought she misheard me when I told her what I was sewing. Fortunately, she's used to me.

BUT cross my heart, when I pull out any one of those rags to wipe a damp counter, or a minor spill, I get a little bit of a warm fuzzy from my history with that square of fabric. That has to be worth something.


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Melissa said...

I hope you enjoy your custom-designer rags. In my house we use hold dish towels as rags for dusting.