Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I wrap's not new that I dabble in things. Seriously dabble. Serious hobbiest? Serial artisan!

I do chainmaille
Whatever. I make alot of stuff.
I silversmith

I knit

I sew

I Etsy too. But to fit my different 'personalities' of creative outlets, I created 2 stores.

I just can't keep track anymore! I had to create 2 emails, and I honestly forgot all about the one for my jewelry shop, and so when I finally located the email and password, I had posts months old that went unanswered. Bad shop owner!

So I need to consolidate. My old(er) brain just can't keep track of things as well anymore. It's beyond making lists, I need to write down EVERYTHING or I WILL forget. It just drops away, without a care.

When I was younger, at least I had that niggling feeling that I'd forgotten something.

Older, I am blissfully unaware. A blessing for some things in life, I'm sure. But not this.

So, good-bye 'OrganicMetallurgy' and 'Sockdiva' is getting a make-over! The Sockdiva has all my feedback and history, and I will have to offer at least one pair of token socks, just to amuse myself.

My goal for 2013 is to have 100 items listed by the end of 2013.

Wish me luck. I'm surely going to need it.

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