Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Saw part 2

Handsome Bubby the Builder
I have the perfect man. Not only does he love chickens, cooks, rides bikes with me, games with me, and countless other such wonderful things, HE BUILDS ME THINGS!

Here he is building in custom worktables in my new shed. In return he got blueberry scones for breakfast, and taken out to dinner and frozen yogurt. If he wore jewelry, I totally would make him some. Covered with pretty rocks.

'Deepholm' now has shelves all the way around, to the left is Big Blue, to the right will go Twilight-Jasmine Genie, and in the back is where I'll play with torches.

The plan tomorrow is to get more oil to feed the beast, and fire her up!

I'm very excited.

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