Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fabric Napkins

Ever since we got back for Bubby's sister's house in NM, where they used cloth napkins, we've been wanting to move to cloth from paper towels.

Yes, I've lessened using them a bit from using my cloth rags, but every meal, we grab paper towels for our mouths. It was so seamless (lol) to use cloth at Chelo's house. They were plentiful, and thrown in with regular wash loads, no added wash and dry cycles.

 My frugal self balked at buying them for anywhere from $4-6 each for handmade. So I went to ask my best friend, Google.

There are great blogs about sewing your own napkins, and even how to sew the corners neatly! I read quite a few. And on this hot afternoon, I stayed inside and sewed and sewed.

Here's the result. 24 handmade cloth napkins.

So easy! All it takes is a fat quarter (about 17" x 22") and a doubled over 1/4" seam. I mitered the corners, fast and dirty, and they didn't turn out too badly~

I used happy fabrics from my plentiful stash, and ones with patterns (to hide messes when in use) and we'll be trying them out tonight!

I'm a happy camper, as making cloth napkins was on my summer 'to do' list. Check!


Allison said...

Very pretty! Thanks for linking the tutorial- I may have to try this myself.

deedo said...

Thanks Allison, I have to say after one day, I LOVE using cloth napkins, and wonder why I didn't do this earlier!