Friday, August 10, 2012

First Ring

After 5/6 classes with Chuck at UCD Craft Barn, my first  ring is finished! 

I was never interested in silversmithing before, and Margot would talk about all the sawing and sanding, and I always liked the immediacy of wire wrapping, but...I love this! 

I love how the solder flows. I love using a dremel, and putting compound on wheels. I enjoy sawing through metal. I love the solid feel of the piece. 

I need to improve my cabs, though, for bezels. I always did a continuous curve, like Sam Silverhawk, which is perfect for wraps. But not so much for this. 

And believe it or not, considering how over-the-top I tend to wrap, I am not inclined at this time to embellish the rings I plan to make.

I wish I had another summer!

1 comment:

Tamsin North said...

Pretty! You make me wish I had more fingers to spare :)