Saturday, August 4, 2012

I need to reinstate FRUGAL to start, I'm staying home instead of going out. I've been pretty bad lately, justifying it by saying I'm 'setting myself up' for expanding my jewelry skills. But now I'm largely done, and while I hemmed and hawed and delayed to purchase what I did, and then when I did, now I seem to hear another voice in my head that says, 'Go ahead and get it. It's not much....' who is that??

Today, it was going to Michael's to use a coupon to get a head start on the holiday, but really? I have the materials at hand, most likely. It would just be easier to go buy it, because I don't remember the fiber content. And then of course, to save on gas, I would stop by big box store to get things that are low (but not gone) and Costco, because it's such a good deal and I'm sure I would find MORE food that I would then have to come home, and find a way to fit it in the fridge. GAHHH!

I'm staying home. I don't want to: strangely I feel I need to go and get things, but it's false. I don't need any of it, I can be plenty busy at home.

Sewing! I really love making these, I just run out of hours.

A bouquet of preforms! Morrisonite, Ocean Jasper, Tiffany Stone, Hell's Canyon Petrified wood, Chrysocolla/malacite, plumes, and Amazonite.

Summer is too short.

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