Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bike Tours and Crafty Spaces

Bike Touring is something I've thought about.

You ride around with some 60# of gear on your bike, and go somewhere. You can eat a lot of food. You see new sights. You meet people. Adventure!

There's also bad weather, crappy roads, angry drivers and crazy people, bugs, and mad dogs.

Um, so yeah, in retirement, I will read about bike touring.

This is the last and almost finished journal that I read on Crazyguyonabike site:

Fun read. Too be young again~

Phase One of retirement is to go from the classroom, into my very own Ms. T's Homework Club/Craft Studio at my house for about 5+ years. 2nd-6th, 6 slots, 2 hours a day after school. The families can sign up for as many or as few 1 hour slots as they would like through a web site.

I can tutor and help with projects. If the student doesn't have any homework or projects to do, I'll teach them how to knit or spin. Needle felt or crochet. Clay sculpture, basketry, origami or chainmaille jewelry. We can make candles in the Winter, and herb planters in the Spring!

It'll be amazing.

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