Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bubby, Chickens and a Sheep in my Living Room

Decree: He's closer to me than a boyfriend, but he's not a husband. He will henceforth be referred to as 'Bubby'~ (Yeah, I tried to not let the power-of-my-very-own-blog get to me, but what the heck. You only live once.)

Here is a pic of Bubby's girls. In pecking order, I give you Connie, Elle, Goldy, Skittle, Zippy, and Pippa. Bubby spoils them, has built them not one, but two henhouses.

They in turn, give us entertainment, fresh organic eggs, and keep my yard free of bugs. slugs and Bermuda Grass.

!!! B E R M U D A G R A S S!!!

angels singing and great light effects here-

Chickens...yard...gardens..(hang in there)...Spring...Spring Cleaning...means foraging into corners long ignored.

And I started to realize, in every nook and cranny and under pieces of clothing in various hidey holes I had, I always came upon a bag of fiber. It began to concern me.

Feeling particularly brave, this afternoon I started pulling them from the shadows, and piled them in my living room.

Good lord, make that 2 sheep, and a lamb thrown in for good measure. Chicken coffee mug placed for reference.

I may be frugal about clothes, eating out, vacations and entertainment, but here is my Achilles heel.

Puts crown firmly back on head - 'I decree that 2012 will henceforth be a fiber free buying year'

Wish me luck.

This post is for the express reason to remind me to resist and desist spending any more money to buy fiber, no matter how soft and delectable!


Truly Myrtle said...

I'm wishing you luck! I try, but regularly fail to only use yarn from my HUGE stash!!!

mkonieczki said...

I am sure your will is strong enough to look fiber in the face and say, "NO"... mine is not. Good luck! :-D You do have quite a collection, there!

deedo said...

Aw Myrtle, I haven't even considered my yarn stash! uh oh...

mkonieczki, I will certainly try. IF I make it through 2012 with a diminished stash, maybe I can 'treat' myself in 2013?? :D