Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I know what I WON'T be when I grow up...

It was a grand idea. A tower of Martha Stewartish beaoootiful cupcakes, decorated with freshly tinted coconut, festooned with candy flowers and chicks! Tumbling, carefree and joyful yellow confections of chirp, dancing down the tower of festivity, celebrating the union of our chicken loving friends!

Twenty five dollars, 2+ hours, amid miscellaneous mounds of  mush, our dreams of confectionery acclaim came to a screeching halt.

I was laughing so hard, tears were running down my face. Back to the drawing board!

... and I can safely remove 'Pastry Chef' from my retirement career options.

Onward! Here is something else I accomplished this weekend-

Tomatoes are planted. Hidden from fowl and freeze are Black Trifele, Black Krim, Carbon, Sungold, Lemon Boy, Celebrity, Beef Master, San Marzano Redorta, and Yellow Submarine.

I know. The WoW's aren't filled.

I'm just a livin' on the edge kind of gal ~


Allison said...

The cake pops look great! I know how fickle they can be- I tried making the mini cupcake pops and it was so much more effort than it was worth. At least you can still eat the failed attempts (I know I did!).

mkonieczki said...

Don't give-up so easily! I think the chickens are cute! I'm really jealous of your garden space! I would give a toe for a plot that large to grow in!

deedo said...

Allison - Oh yes, we nibbled on the failed attempts~ what a sugar overload that was!
mkoniecski - Unfortunately, we seemed to get worse the more we tried! lol. Yes, Bubby and I love our backyard. We'll be adding beans, cucumbers, peppers, squash and eggplant. It really is our little bit of heaven :)

Anna, The Lemon Lady said...

I didn't know you write a blog. Cool. I shall visit. I LOVE your garden. Eating local doesn't get better than this. Cheers, Anna, Darryl, & Ava