Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Nest Egg is in the Henhouse OR Zombies in the Hallway

Yup. Here you have my nest egg.

Looks more scrambled now that I looked off into the horizon and have a date to retirement.

That date was chosen because that's how long I figured I could survive/last as a classroom teacher before I turned into the dreaded 'Zombie Teacher' where everyone avoids you, and you snap and snarl at coworkers, parents, and poor hapless children and whispers of '...she needs to retire' float behind your back as you leave the staff room. Did you know that teachers make deals with each other to tell if you get signs of zombishness? Oh, indeed. I've made that deal with 2 other teachers. Can't say I don't look ahead.

Oh, yeah. Retirement. Pension, you say? Little egg would be mine. Big egg would be those cast iron folks that put in 30+ years into the system.

So I'm thinking of being one of those phased retirement folks. So what do I wanna be when I retire? That's my new question!

So far ideas have ranged between packing boxes 10 hours a day during the holiday season for Amazon and living in an RV camp, or knitting socks for 50 cents an hour. Gah.


Matt said...

You should probably buy a motorcycle.

deedo said...

But mine would have 3 wheels and a sidecar.